Steve Popovich of Nemacolin, Pennsylvania talks about his home town.

Mid 50's - Nemacolin PA, Soda Grille, The Penguins, Johnny Ace, Hank Williams, The Crew Cuts, 5 Satins on the jukebox, Porky Chedwick, Leon Sykes and Sir Walter on the radio, coal miners, 15 cent movies, 500 families of Italians, Slovenes, Serbians, Polish, Croatians, Greeks, Black, Czech, all in the same boat working for the coal companies. Argentina Antonini made the best spaghetti sauce in the world and loved the fact that when she cooked spaghetti for the church once a year, I ate more than anyone in town. I use her sauce recipe to this day and it's still the best!!

The Gaylords were one of the groups on the jukebox at the Soda Grille, with "From the Vine Came the Grape" "Little Shoemaker" and "Isle of Capri." Certainly to millions of Italian-Americans these guys are the greatest! For anyone growing up in the 50's these guys, like the finest spaghetti sauce recipe, are survivors in an industry of one hit wonders.

- Steve Popovich

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