Uniontown Daily News Standard

      27 December 1907



    Mangled Body Found Lying on 

    P. R. R. Tracks at Fairchance


An unknown young man was struck

and run over at Fairchance Thursday

evening, Dec. 26, supposedly by pas-

senger train No. 108 leaving Union-

town at 7:52 on the P. R.R.

His body was not found until about

5:30 Friday morning when Bayard

Able, walking along the tracks near

the old Laughrey brick yard discover-

ed the mangled remains. Mr. Abel no-

tified some Fairchance people and the

body was placed on a freight train and 

taken to J. Harry Johnston's morgue,

where it is being held for identifica-


It is difficult to discern any facial

features as the head is so badly cut

and torn, but the body is apparently

that of a young American, having a

small light moustache, long hair and a

well kept person. Train No. 108, of 

which Samuel S. Miller is conductor,

was the only one over that section of

the branch Thursday evening and it

is thought that the young man might 

have been lying in the middle of the 

track, and rolled and dragged by the

train for probably 150 yards. His

heart was found quite a distance from

the body and a hand was also found.

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