Vrabel(y) Family from Porac, Slovakia

Porac, Slovakia, ancestral home of Vrabely family
Home of the Vrabely Family

Poracz - Hungarian Poracs, village, ... , region of Hornad, district of Levoca, lying in the "ore" of Spis, height of 778 meters. In 1880 the region had 4,667 square ?; with the mountains and village of Kotterbach; 1,341 inhabitants; 126 houses.

District court in Nowej Wsi, post office in Markuszow, in that place is a Greek catholic Church. South east, one hour from the village behind the mountain Na Horze (548 meters) in the valley 'Drinking Spa' there is a cave called Dragon's Lair. Investigation was made in 1875 September by Br Gustawicz and in 1878 by Prof. Roth.

Coming out from Poracz you can see formations of Calcium carbonate?. On the right side of the valley in the beginning there are young forests and clusters of bare mountains. From far away you can see a triangular opening. The entrance is 4 meter in height. The cross section of the cave is triangular. The bottom is white rocks under which is clay.

In this cave are found the bones of the "cave bear.' The entrance to the larger cave is 2 meters wide. The bottom is covered with small to medium broken rocks. In some places it is 10 meters wide. In the middle of the grotto there is a large room 15 m long, 13 m wide and 8-12 m high. Walls are covered by stalach and stalagm...fantastically beautifully shaped and dissolving. The other side of the cave has a crack 1-2 m wide and 3-4 m high. Vertical wall covering cave from entrance to this wall is 120 meters. Besides bear bones there are deer, wolf (cave wolf) and domestic animals. A description can be found in VIII .....

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