The compiling of this Genealogy was begun one year after my retirement in 1982 . The start was the location and photographing of all known Headstones at the St. Joseph cemetery at Hopwood, Pa.  And also the Oak Grove / Oak Lawn sites in Uniontown, Pa.

A search was conducted at that time in the St. Mary's and  the adjoining Park's cemeteries located on Route 119  North of Uniontown, Pa.  The only family members were of the Lux family at Park's.

Numerous revision were made during the course of the year's. With good copies  made in 1988, again in 1993 and at the present time in 1995.

The work was sporadic due to other projects through  out  those years.   My ten years of Consulting Work and two years of full employment  at the former Republic Steel Banning Mine  Water  & Treatment  Plants.  Interspersed  at that time was extensive work for a Research Manuscript of Fayette County's  Coal and Coke History.

Those hours of research covered the locations of Coal Mines, Coke oven sites and many Coal Patch towns with accompanying maps, photos and other verifying information.  This  was persuade and given  to Dr. Maher, a well know  and respected medical doctor ; and Buzz Storey  a local historian and Newspaper man both of Uniontown, Pa.    Also to the Fayette Campus of Penn State University for their future Coal and Coke Museum if it comes to fruition.

By your scribe :  R. E. Buzonas


(Robert  Buzonas MASTER   BOOK Volume's  I & II)

Foreword                                                                                                                    A

Foreword                                                                                                                    1 - 2

Korwin History - Poland Records by  Mr. Edward Morofsky                                 3 - 4

Korwin History - Translation into English                                                                      5

Mary Regula Tree Chart - First Marriage                                                                  6

Lipcryeiska - Tilka ( Tirka ) Tree Chart                                                                   7 - 8

Baptismal Records - Europe                                                                                     9 - 10

Baptismal Records - Europe  Translation                                                                  11-12

Birth's and Death's - November 1988                                                                            13-14

Anniversaries         - April   1995 #1-2-3-4                                                          15-18

Anniversaries       - April   1995   Zosky                                                                     19

Births and Deaths                           1988 #11A-12A                                                       20-21

Family History                                   #15-16-17-18                                                  22-25


Family Miscellaneous Information            #1-2-3                                                             26-29

Family Miscellaneous Information            #4-5                                                                 30-31

Short History of Lithuania - Grolier Publishing                                                            32

Correspondence Exchanges                                                                                         33-36

Residences of the Buzonas Families                                                                                       37

Military Service - Buzonas Families                                                                                       39

Military Service - Robert E . Buzonas @  Chanute  Field Ill                                            40-46

Military Service - Robert and Clarence Buzonas                                                                47

Military Service - Robert E. Buzonas @ Ripon College Wisconsin                               48-54

Service Record - Robert E. Buzonas                                                                                        55       

                         - Donald R. Buzonas                                                                                   57-58

                         - Joseph Lipchinsky                                                                               59-62

Genealogy Charts and Letter - Edward Morofsky                                                         63-75

Documents            - Citizenship  of  Joseph Bozonas Sr                                                      76-77

                        - Baptism Certificate, Stanislaus, (Stanley) Bozonas                            78

                        - Army Discharge,       Stanley Bozonas                                               79-81

                        - Birth & Death,            Stanley Bozonas                                               82-83

                        - Baptism Certificate,            Anastasia Liptinsky Buzonas                                        84

                        -                                   Catherine Liptinsky Nebraska                                      85

                        -       p;;                            Enlistment / Discharge , John Nebraska            86-87

                        -       p;;                            Death Certificates        , John Nebraska            88-89

                        -       p;;                            Grave Sites Purchase   , Napieieralska       90

                        -       p;;                            Marriage Licenses - Mary Lipczinski                         91

                        -       p;;                            Death Certificate    - Charles Lepchinsky           92

                        -       p;;                            Stanley Bozonas     - Instructions 1964         93

                        -       p;;                            Jennie   Buzonas     - Burial , Johnson                94


World War  II

Fred Burns                  08-24-1944    -       p;;     Boy Scout , Friend & Neighbor            1 -  >4               

Wartime Correspondence                      -       p;;     Comrades  and  Friends                        5 - 24

Eberhard Stevens                                    -       p;;     Austrian POW at Vint Hill Farm            25-26        

Special Orders ( R. Buzonas )             -       p;;     Feb . 16 , 1944 to Camp Crowder            27-28

Original Documents and Papers -       p;;                                                                29-38

Occupations of Family Members            -       p;;                                                                39-46

Correspondence                                  -       p;;     Genealogy  Research 1988 - 1995            47-58

Language in use for W. Pa.& W.Va.            -       p;;                                                                     59

Compositions and Poetry during World War II                                                  61-64

Cemetery Locations Graph                                                                                      65-66

Burial Plot Headstone Photographs                                                                             67-72

Death Prayer Cards                                                                                                   73-80

Genealogy Of Lux Family                                                                                          81-82

Duplicate/Spare Copies of Information                                                                  83-  

Family Miscellaneous Information


Grandfather Buzonas and the oldest son, Stanley went by spelling of their names as Bozonas. Other spellings may have been Bozonis and Boyono.

Grandmother Buzonas maiden name was Anna Piechowski, but all called her (Jennie.) The English spelling was Pehosky.

The Country of Lithuania was under Russian rule at the time our Grandfather left the country.

All young males upon reaching the age of 17 or 18 were required to serve in the Russian military.  At that age, the military arrived at the family farm, and Grandfather jumped out of the kitchen window and took off for America, with little or no money and only the clothes on his back.  He entered this country by way of Canada, and made his way in time to Mount Pleasant, Pa.  Later on he was one the Founders who helped to build the (Transfiguration Catholic Church) there, and later moved on to the small town called Mower, south of Connellsville and then to Phillips.  His work, as well as his oldest son Stanley, was the Coke Ovens in those locations.

My Grandfather's first girl friend was from the Sparrow family who had a farm on the outskirts of Star Junction.  A  friend of his was dating Anna (Jennie) Pehosky. Later they both admitted that they liked the other's they then traded girl friends, who they later married and remained close friends through out the years.


John Leptinsky and Mike Lepchinsky were born in Poland and it is possible that the oldest daughter; Mary, may have also been born there too.

Grandmother Tilka / Tirka was born in Austria. She also had a sister whose name was Victoria Dzik (Juke), who is buried in the St Joseph Cemetery, Hopwood, Pa .

After the death of her husband Albert , she managed or worked at a Boarding House at Oliver , Pa . The 1920 Census records indicate ... Dist 21, Enumerator 63, Page 8, Line 87 from film at the Uniontown Library.  The number of the Boarding House was #156 and she tended to 3 Lithuanians and 1 Polish immigrants. The actual home of the family was number #217 were she raised an assortment of cattle and small farm animals.

In the Census listed in the above paragraph, in North Union Twp, John Leptinsky is listed under D21, E63, P12A, Line 12 and showed  Sophia, his wife, immigrated here in 1907.

Victoria Juke is listed under D21 E63 P12B  as having immigrated in 1887. She had 3 sons, 2 daughters, 1 brother and 6 boarders at houses #228.

            Uncle John Leptinsky and Aunt Sophia had two children that died as babies, and the girl was named  Nellie and the boy Stanley. Whether they were twins or separate births is unknown.

            It is believed that two of the daughters decided, as a  remembrance, to take their names  and in their memories to continue their existence. Anastasia Liptinsky Buzonas chose (Nellie) and her older sister Stephanie Leptinsky Kudyba  selected (Stanley.)

            However, Anastasia Buzonas, is listed as Stanislawa under her Civil marriage license ..... the feminine of Stanley? The Church marriage license also list her as Stanislawa for June 1921?

                        Civil   -    Nellie H. Stanislawa Leptanski ....

                        Church -  >Stanislawa  Lipcryeiska .....

            Her baptism by Father Kenna, St. John R.C. Church, Uniontown, Pa on Oct 8th 1898 listed as Anastasia Lipkinsky ... and parents as Albert Lipkinsy ... and Mary Tirka ?

            Other papers in my file show the additional names; Court Trial, 1931, Grandmother as Mary Leptunsky; Indenture, 09-18-1924, as Mary  Missus.

            A marriage  license,  wed John Missus whose first wife died  01-03-1919. The Ceremony was on 09-14-1920 at Cardale Church by Rev. Father H. Radwanski.

            A divorce later occurred either in the late 1920's  or  early  1930's.

            Mike Lepchinsky married Mary Regula Wisiewicz 02-19-1917 at  the Transfiguration Church of  Mount  Pleasant,  Pa.

            Charles Lepchinsky married Anna Vrable of Sharon, Pa.

            Her parents were : Father   - George Vrable ..... (Austria, Slovakia).

                                         Mother - Johanna Melcher.. (Austria, Slovakia).

            Verification  of  spellings, name's, children est : can be researched  in the records of United States Censuses for the Counties of Fayette, Greene,  and Westmoreland.

            Information listed as of April  1995 .

            By Robert E. Buzonas

Family Miscellaneous Information

Albert Lipczynski

            Arrived in USA at Philadelphia, Pa  on 12-26-1882 at the age of 25 years. Naturalization papers 06-10-1891.   He  and his two sons John and Mike worked on Lake Erie, and later came to Brownfield, Pa and worked on the coal yards and Coke Ovens in and around the area of Brownfield Mine.

Mary Regula

            Her father was a Sheriff in Europe  and lived on a large family farm.  She arrived via the St Lawrence River in to Canada,  at the age of 16 year  and later on to Cleveland, Ohio.  Her  first husband was Edward Misicwicz whose children were :

            Sophia who married Joseph Payson : Both interned at Sylvan Heights cemetery.

            Stella   who married Joseph Borytsky :Both interned at St Joseph Cemetery.

Mike Lipchinsky

            Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary lived in the following communities :

                        Hecla / Grindstone /  Allison / Nemacolin and they operated a grocery store in Republic with living quarters above the store.

The Maps that follow, page 4, & 5.

            The locations of the Buzonas & Leptinsky  families in Europe. (Lithuania and Poland)

            Grandfather Buzonas stated that the bloodlines were : Lithuania , Prussian and Russian.

            In the Liptinsky family - the bloodlines were : Polish (Albert) and Austrian (Mary).

            Information listed as of May 1995.

bloodlines were : Polish



First Generation

Buzonas            Joseph             Europe/Farming   America/Coke works

Lipcryeiska            Albert              Europe/Farm , River ?  America/Coal Mines

Second Generation

Buzonas            Joseph Jr.            Insurance - Metropolitan Agent

                        Stanley             Cokeworks and School Maintenance

                        Benjamin            Department Store and Steelworker

Leptinsky            John                 Coal Mines

Lepchinsky            Mike                Grocery Proprietor and Coal Mines

Lepchinsky            Charles          Coal Mines and Musician

Nebraska            John                 Grocery Proprietor

Kudyba            Joseph             Coal Mines

Third Generation

Buzonas            Robert             Chemist and Coal Preparation Engineer

                        Clarence            Proprietor - Vendor and Television Repair

                        Donald             Pa. State Highway - Surveyor and Management

Leptinsky            Joseph             Coal Mines

                        Frank               Vendor - Produce

                        Charles          Vendor - Steelworker - Motel Owner & Proprietor

                        Walter             Steel - Machinist


                        Edward            Chemist with PhD. Degree - United States Steel

Lepchinsky            Joseph             Military Career - Navy (Ret.)

                        Bernard          Coal Mines and Steel

                        Walter             Coal Mines - Foreman

Lepchinsky            Richard          Patent  Attorney

Emmanuele            Daniel

Sproull                        Glenn               Utilities - Water Company Foreman<

Homa               Larry               Grocery - Manager

Carey               Dan

Rose                Gerry

Reh                  Gus

Jenoway            Leonard

Caliguiri            Richard            Proprietor - Dairy Store

Hatala              Joseph             Coal Mines - Foreman

Hoist               Steve               Coal Mines - Foreman

Brown             Ernest              State Highway Dept

Meiner             Gerald             State Highway Dept - Materials Division

Morofsky            Edward            Canadian Govt. - PhD. Degree

Hughes John                 Trucking and Chauffeur



Fourth Generation

Bruder             Steve               Proprietor - Sales Representative

Buzonas            James              Short Order Cook and Story Writer

Leptinsky            Mark                Engineer

Lipchinsky            Thomas




First Generation

Buzonas            Jennie            Housewife

Lipcryeiska            Mary            Manager - Boarding House & Housewife

Second Generation

Stemnock            Frances            Housewife

Shellenberg            Helen            Housewife

McNally            Clara            Housewife

Bokis   Marie            Housewife

Leptinsky            Sophia            Housewife

Lepchinsky            Mary            Housewife and Grocer

Kudyba            Stephanie            Housewife

Buzonas            Anastasia            Housewife & Hospital Cafe worker

Nebraska            Catherine            Housewife - Grocer - Organist & Hospital Cook

Lepchinsky            Anna            Housewife

Third Generation

Buzonas            Diana            Housewife & Technician - Scaife Co (Korean War)

            Betty            Housewife & Teacher

            Patricia            Housewife - Beautician - and Dairy Store Proprietor

Emmanuele            Harriet            Housewife

Sproull            Agnes            Housewife & Head Cook - Krese 5 & 10 Store

Carey   Ann            Housewife & Maitre - Hotel Webster ; Pgh , Pa

Hona    Lottie            Housewife

Rose    Louise            Housewife

Reh      Helen            Housewife

Jenoway            Katherine            Housewife

Leptinsky            Joanna            Housewife and Secretary        

Lepchinsky            Arlayne            Housewife

Caliguiri            Edith            Housewife & Proprietor - Dairy Store

Lepchinsky            Irene            Housewife

Hoist   Betty            Housewife

Lepchinsky            Marie or (Marge)            Housewife

Hatalla Marie            Housewife

Lepchinsky            Betty            Housewife

            Marlene            Housewife and Legal Secretary


Reh      Helen            Housewife

Jenoway            Katherine            Housewife

Leptinsky            Joanne

Buzonas Anastasia  (Liptinsky)            Wife of Joseph S. Buzonas          

Born:               Fri:  10-05-1898                 Died:               Sat:  05-30-1981

Age:    82                                                        Town:              Olivier,Pa.

Buzonas Benjamin D. Sr.                               Husband of Marie Bokis

Born:               Thur: 04-11-1905                 Died:               Sat:  02-06-1982

Age:    77                                                        Town:              Mt Pleasent, Pa.

Buzonas Clara                                     Wife of  Christerphor McNally

Born:               Mon:  08-14-1911                 Died:               Sun: 07-03-1977

Age:    65                                                        Town:              Mt Pleasent, Pa.

Buzonas Frances                                                Wife of Louis Stemnock

Born:               Fri:            10-07-1891                Died:               Sat:  06-16-1984

Age:    93                                                        Town:              Mt Pleasent,Pa.

Buzonas Joseph S.                                             Husband of Anastasia Liptinsky

Born:               Sat:            03-05-1896                Died:               Tues:  08-17-1976

Age:    80                                                        Town:              Mt Pleasent, Pa.

Buzonas Stanley (Bozonas)*                  Dad's oldest brother; Single.

Born:               Mon:            04-07-1894                Died:               Thur:            07-25-1968

Age:    74                                                        Town:              Mt Pleasent,Pa.

Note: Stanley spelled his name with an  "o"                                                      

Buzonas Donald R.                                            Son of Mr.&Mrs Joseph S. Buzonas

Born:               Sat:            09-05-1936                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Patricia V.            ( Zosky) Wife of Donald R. Buzonas

Born:               Wed:            09-23-1942                Died:               Fri:            06-04-1993

Age:    50                                                        Town:              Brownsville, Pa.

Buzonas Donna M.                                            Daughter of Mr&Mrs Don R. Buzonas

Born:               Tues:            05-02-1967                Died:

Age:                                                                Town:              Brownsville, Pa.

High School Science Teacher..

Buzonas Clarence L.                              Son of Mr&Mrs Joseph S. Buzonas

Born:               Wed:            08-08-1923                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Betty (Green)                                    Wife of C.L. Buzonas

Born:               Mon:            12-31-1917                Died:            Mon:            04-14-1986

Age:    68                                                        Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas James                                                Son of C.L. Buzonas

Born:               Mon:            08-03-1953                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Robert E.                                             Son of Mr&Mrs.Joseph S. Buzonas

Born:               Wed:            02-15-1922                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Diana (Lux)                           Wife of Robert E. Buzonas

Born:               Sat:            04-16-1927                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Joanne                                     Daughter of Mr&Mrs R. E. Buzonas

Born:               Sat:            06-16-1962                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown,Pa.

Buzonas Mitzi                                     Daughter of Mr&Mrs R.E.Buzonas

Born:               Thur:            11-26-1959                Died:

Age:                                                                Town: Uniontown, Pa.

Buzonas Joseph  Sr.(Bozonas)               Grandfather:

Born:               Unknown       1863            Died:            Unknown 1933

Age:    70                                                        Town:Russia-Lithuania,Vilna or Kaunas.

Buzonas Anna (Pehosky)                                Grandmother:(Jennie Piechowski)

Born:               Unknown       1875                Died:            Unknown 1949

Age:    74                                                        Town: Russia or Poland.

Buzonas Helen                                    Wife of  Capt. Fred Schellenberg.

Born    Sun:            12-12-1902    Age: 79        Died:            Sun:            06-27-1982

Daughter: Fredericka                               Town: Mt Pleasent, Pa.

Buzonas Benjamin Jr.                            Son of  Ben Buzonas Sr.

Born:   Mon:            08-30-1926    Age: 62        Died:            Wed:            06-21-1989

Wife: Anna M. Galba

Born:   Thur:            01-20-1927                            Died:

Buzonas Deborah                      Age:                Son's & Daughter's  of Ben Jr.

Born:   Fri:            09-05-1952                            Died:

Buzonas Benjamin II                  Age:

Born:               06-08-1957                            Died:

Buzonas Jeffrey             Age:

Born:               08-12-1958                            Died:

Buzonas Laurie              Age:

Born:               04-11-1961                            Died:

Buzonas Steven             Age:

Born:               08-08-1964                            Died:

Buzonas Michael                       Age:

Born:               04-22-1967                            Died:

Buzonas Leonard                       Age:                Son of Ben Buzonas Sr.

Born:   Sun:            02-05-1928                            Died:

Wife:            Theresa  Horvath

Born:   Tues:            09-01-1931                            Died:

Buzonas Linda             Age:                Daughter's  of Leonard Buzonas

Born:               01-30-1950                            Died:

Buzonas Patricia                        Age:

Born:               04-21-1952                            Died:

Buzonas Karen                        Age:

Born:               04-06-1953                            Died:

Buzonas Cheryl             Age:

Born:               07-31-1954                            Died:

Buzonas Edward Sr.                  Age:                Son of Ben Buzonas Sr.

Born:   Tues:            10-18-1932                            Died:

Wife:             Kathryn  (unknown)                          

Born:               06-19-1934                            Died:

Buzonas Eric                           Age:                Son's & Daughter of Ed. Sr.

Born:               03-11-19--                             Died:

Buzonas Nancy              Age:

Born:               04-16-19--                             Died:

Buzonas Edward Jr.            Age:                Son of Ed. Buzonas Sr.

Born:               02-22-19--                 Died:              

Leptinsky Catherine (Nebraska)            Mom's sister.

Born:   Sun:            11-07-1902    Age:             65            Died:            Sun: 06-09-1968

John Nebraska (husband)

Born:   Sat:            05-14-1896    Age:            37             Died:            Mon: 10-09-1933

Age:    37

Lepchinsky Charles                                    Mom's youngest brother.

Born:   Sun:            02-24-1905    Age:            33            Died:            Sat:            09-17-1938

Wife: Ann Vrable Morofsky

Born:   Wed:            05--2-1906    Age:            85            Died:            Fri:            01-03-1992   

Age:    85

Lepchinsky Betty Brown

Born:   Tues:            07-06-1926    Age:                Died:


Husband: Ernest Brown

Born:                                       Age:                Died:

Lepchinsky Marlene Meiner

Born:   Fri:            07-15-1936    Age:                Died:

Husband:            Gerald Meiner

Lepchinsky Richard                                   Marlene's brother.

Born:   Fri:            05-01-1931    Age:                Died:

Morofsky Edward Sr.

Born:Mon:            09-04-1905    Age:            51            Died:            Fri: 02-01-1957

Dr. Edward L. Morofsky Jr.

Born:Wed:            08-02-1944    Age:                Died:

Wife:   Martha (unknown)

Born:                                       Age:                Died:

Morofsky Amanda                                               Daughter of Ed. Morofsky Jr.

Born:                                       Age:                Died:

Note: Lipcryeiska-Polish's spelling./Liptensky, Leptinsky, Liptinsky, Lepchinsky...

John Misiewice

Mary Misiewice/Regula Wife:

            Sophia Payson             04-27-1912                08-06-1982

            Joseph Payson                                                1974

            Stella Payson             12-15-1913                12-08-1971

            Joseph Borytsky

Note:Anastasia Liptinsky Buzonas  had three brother's.

Also note that they both  had different spellings of their last name: *

John Leptinsky (oldest)

Mike Lipchinsky

Charles Lepchinsky (youngest)

Albert  George  Lipcryeiska *                                                   02-23-1913    Mom's Parents

Mary Tilka            (Wife:)                                  1865                           1950

Michael Lipchinsky *                Wed:            04-04-1887            Mon:03-30-1959            Age:            71

Mary Regula/Wisiewicz    Sun:            11-14-1890            Wed:12-01-1976            Age:            86

Edith Caliguiri                         Sat:            11-22-1919                                        Age:

Richard Caliguiri                      Thur:            03-29-1923                                        Age:

Marie Hatala                           Thur:            12-08-1921                                        Age:

Joseph Hatala                          Tues:            03-19-1918    Fri:08-12-1988            Age:            70

Betty Hoist                              Sun:            07-15-1928                                        Age:

Steve Hoist                              Fri:            03-21-1924            Wed:05-05-1993            Age:            69

Joseph Lipchinsky*                 Fri:            12-07-1917                                        Age:

Arlayne Boettger(Wife)                        Wed:            10-29-1919                            Age:

Bernard Lepchinsky                  Sun:            01-27-1924            Sun:05-29-1983            Age:            59

Walter Lepchinsky                  Wed:            04-07-1926            Sun:09-20-1992            Age:            66

Irene Seginack(Wife)                       Tues:            12-15-1925                                        Age:               

John Leptinsky*                      Thur:04-07-1885            Mon:02-01-1952                   Age:            67

Sophia Bartok (Wife:)                        Wed:03-31-1969            Mon:03-31-1969            Age:            77

Mary Wielkovich                              Sat:12-12-1908            Mon:11-05-1984            Age:            75

Edward Wielkovich(husband)                                                                       

Harriet Emmanuele(Hattie)            Tues:08-20-1912                                           Age:               

Daniel  Emmanuele(husband)            Wed:01-11-1911                                           Age:   

Agnes Leptinsky Sproll              Tues:06-10-1913            Tues:10-06-1992            Age:            79

Glen    Sproull            (Iggie)            Fri:02-01-1918            Sun:11-27-1994                     Age:            76

Joseph Leptinsky                                 Fri:04-10-1914            Tues:11-12-1974            Age:            60       

Catherine Muchnock(Wife)                                                                                 Age:

Ann  Leptinsky/Carey                      Thur:03-30-1916            Mon:06-16-1975            Age:            59

Dan Carey (husband)                                                                                            Age:

Charlotte Leptinsky                     Sat:12-20-1919            Fri:06-07-1991            Age:            71

Larry Hona (husband)                                                                                            Age:

Frank Leptinsky                                 Mon:04-15-1918            Sat:04-10-1971            Age:            53

Charles Leptinsky (Chuck)            Mon:12-12-1921                                           Age:   

Louise Leptinsky/Rose                      Tues:07-29-1924                                           Age:   

Gerry Rose (husband)                    Sun:06-27-1926                                             Age:

Helen Leptinsky/Reh                                                                                     Age:               

Gus Reh(husband)                                                                                                  Age:

Walter Leptinsky  (Single)            Sat:01-24-1925            Sun:08-29-1993            Age:            68
Katherine Leptinsky/Jenoway     Sat:02-25-1928            Sat:04-24-1976            Age:            48             
Leonard Jenoway (husband)            Tues:12-06-1927            Fri:05-07-1982            Age:            54

John Jenoway            (brother)         Sat:12-13-1930                                               Age:   

Edward Liptinsky                                 Mon:09-05-1932            Sat:04-09-1995            Age:    62

Joanne Stana (Wife)             Tues: 02-16-1937                                         Age:

Johnny Leptinsky                                 Sat:12-13-1930                                               Age    

          (Wife) unknown                                                                                              Age:   

Stephanie Leptinsky/Kudyba            Thur:05-05-1896            Mon:08-25-1975            Age:            79

Joseph Kudyba Sr.(husband)            Sat:02-10-1887            Thur:03-28-1963            Age:            76

Albert  Kudyba

John     Kudyba

Joseph Kudyba

Paul      Kudyba

Walter  Kudyba

Bernard Kudyba

Edward  Kudyba

Thomas Kudyba

Andrew Kudyba

Elizabeth Kudyba                                    Thur:06-05-1919            Fri:01-03-1992            Age:            72

Mary     Kudyba

Katherine Kudyba/Hughs

John Hughs                                          Sat:08-30-1924            Fri:11-15-1985            Age:            61

Anne Kudyba/Sabo

Donald  Sabo

Anastasia (Nellie)Liptinsky*Buzonas (Mother)            10-05-1898                05-30-1981

Joseph  S.  Buzonas                             (Father)            03-05-1896                08-17-1976

Note: see page's 1 & 2 of Anniversary's.

Frances Buzonas/Stemnock                  Fri:10-07-1891            Sat:06-16-1984            Age: 93

Louis Stemnock (husband)                                                       

Ann Stemnock Garcher

Frank Garcher Sr.

Frank Garcher Jr.

Joseph Garcher

Patricia Garcher

John Stemnock             brother

Ann  Stemnock

Sue   Stemnock

Thomas Stemnock

Kathyn  Stemnock

Stanly Stemnock            brother                                                 Mon:07-19-1993            Age:

Lorrain (wife) unknown            Note:No children's.                            

Lisa      Stemnock

Stephen             Stemnock

Laurie    Stemnock

Joseph    Stemnock

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