Places - Coming and Going

Porac, Slovakia

Back Bay Restaurant, Morgantown, WVA

Ronco, PA from the Air

Crucible, PA from the Air

Carmichaels, PA from the Air - 1994

Brief History of Fayette County

Map showing coal mines in Fayette County

Brownsville PA

A Brief History of Uniontown PA

The National Road

A Brief History of Connellsville

Old Side, Nemacolin PA from the Air

Old Side east, Nemacolin PA from Ronco

Nemacolin, PA Topographic Map - Large Scale

Crackovich house in Messmore PA at Crossroads with Route 21

Churches    Cemeteries

Mount Pleasant PA 15666

Mak, Poland

Spissky Stvrtok, Slovakia


Koziebrody, Poland


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